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bald eagle
Despite its name, bald eagles are not bald. Their name comes from the word '____' which means 'covered in patches of light and dark colors'. The white head and tail contrasted with its dark body make the bald eagle easy to identify.
In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts.
○ The largest rodents in North America and the second largest rodents in the world, beavers are semi-aquatic mammals. ○ rodent, semi-aquatic, nocturnal, twig, deciduous, canal, keen, conservationist, lodge, shirub, exterminate
beaver dams
beaver dams
○Beavers are keystone species wielding an oversized influence on their surroundings. They build dams which filter water, flood rivers and create crucial wetlands. ○trunk, intricate, lodge, impenetrable, wield, wetland, haven
Rain has a tiny bit of acid in it and when it soaks through soil, it collects some more. This acid allows it slowly dissolve certain kinds of rock like limestone, marble or gypsum.
Acinonyx Jubatus
clouded leopard
pupil, retina, fovea, iris
○Her fur won't get its true adult coloring for another five years. ○For Gibbons the occasional fall is part of life. The important thing is to catch another branch and keep on swinging. ○canopy, brachiation, monoganous, dexterity
great horned owl
lion vs tiger
Sierra Leone, crowbar, Nina Shahib, Gettysburg, Morocco, Algeria, mangle, Nubian, Rajah, Bert Nelson, flee, Kailash Sankala, jugular, abdomen, Faun of Pompeii, Titus, Turin, Clark, Harper's Weekly, confinement, menagerie, the Coney Island, Bostock, nape
lion vs tiger
Who is the real king?
oblivious, trout, spawn, peregrine falcon, tactic, evasive, maneuver
Owls Have Superior Senses
arthiritus, lactation, confiscation, snare, fetus
Philippine eagle
The tong of a western diamondback rattlesnake cautiously tastes the air.
Rusty Spotted Cat
sea lion
On land they can walk on all four flippers. While silly seals have to slide along on their bellies instead.
seal & sea lion
Their rear flippers can be rotated forward and their front flippers are really strong so they can stand up and walk on all four flippers on land.
Serval vs. Guinea Fowl
Serval vs. Snake | South Africa
○ Their fierce stares may seem threatening but don't take it personally: snakes can't blink because they don't have eyelids. ○ slithery, legless, reptile, eyelid, scaly, rodent, carnivore, vertibrate, rib, receptor, scale, nostril, fang, squeeze
Which Animals Have Night Vision?
Charles Darwin, On the origin of species