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 Artificial Satellites of Earth and Their Orbits
A significant percentage of the global population believes in _____, which is the notion that the positions of the planets and stars in the night sky have influence over events that take place on Earth. -- astrology/astronomy/biology
 Geocentric to Heliocentric
If you were to go outside tonight and look at the night sky, you would observe stars and planets and the moon.

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 Aries the Ram - Constellation of the Zodiac    Boötes the Herdsman Constellation    Gemini the Twins - Constellation of the Zodiac    Orion the Hunter - All about the mythology, stars and celestial objects (N. Hemisphere perspecti    Polaris: The North Star    Sagittarius the Archer - Constellation of the Zodiac    Taurus the Bull - Constellation of the Zodiac    Types of Constellations    Types of Nebulae    Types of Star Clusters  
 Solar System
Terrestrial, jovian, asteroid, Ceres, debris, kuiper belt, oort cloud, celestial
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