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 Set Theory
Set Theory: Types of Sets, Unions and Intersections

 Composition of Functions    Congruence Modulo n    Definition of a Function    Definition of a Group    Definition of a Partition    Definition of a Relation    Definition of a Subgroup    Injective Functions    Invertible Functions    Sets    Surjective Functions    Working with Sets  

 Algebra 01 - Defining Sets    Algebra 02 - Set Equality and Subsets    Algebra 03 - Venn Diagrams, Unions, and Intersections    Algebra 04 - Complement and Relative Complement    Algebra 05 - Symmetric Difference    Algebra 06 - Interval Notation and the Number Line    Algebra 07 - Bounded versus Unbounded Intervals    Algebra 08 - Unions of Intervals    Algebra 09 - Cartesian Products, Ordered Pairs and Triples  

 01 What is Abstract Algebra?    02 The definition of a Group    03 Group Definition (expanded) - Abstract Algebra    04 Abstract Algebra: Motivation for the definition of a group