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 00:08 Tom and the Fence
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
 05:47 Huck
 11:13 graveyard
 15:51 Jackson's island
○They go on ships and take the money, then they go to an island and hide it in a secret place. ○Every boat from St Petersberg is out on the river. ○The same thing happened last summer when Bill Turner fell into the river and drowned.
 22:47 The Trial
"...and then Muff Potter fell to the ground and Injun Joe took Muff's knife and..."
 25:51 The Haunted House
What are we going to do with the $650 in silver coins?
 29:57 McDougal's Cave
 34:44 treasure
"Well, nobody is going into the cave again. There are big doors in front of the entrance now. And I have the keys," said Mt. Thatcher.
 Mark Twain
Samuel Clemens
 Mississippi River