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 Mamoudou Gassama
 maned wolf
The maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America. Its markings resemble those of foxes, but it is neither a fox nor a wolf. It is the only speciesin the genus Chrysocyon (meaning "golden dog").

 The Map of Mathematics   • 00 History   • 10 Arithmatic   • 20 Geometry    30 Algebra properties   • 30 Algebra    31 Exponents, roots and logarithms   • 31 Exponents, roots and logarithms   • 32 Linear Algebra   • 35 Abstract Algebra    40 Angles and coordinates around the unit circle    40 Sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot    40 Trigonometric laws and identities    40 Sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan   • 40 Trigonometry   • 50 Limits & Continuity    60 Calculus - derivatives and limits    60 Calculus - integrals   • 60 Calculus   • 70 Topology   • 90 Group Theory   • 99 Terms    Desmos   • Luffa    Mathcha   • Statistics  
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 Moby Dick - Herman Melville
He is out there in the ocean. But he is here too in my dreams, always in my dreams. He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter - whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm summer's night.

Myths, Fairy Tales & Fables
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