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○○○ emergency measures ⪢⪢
And the state of New York declares emergency measures after about 3 meters of snow fell across 18 counties. → take measures
◎◎◎ take measures ⪢⪢
China says it will take measures against unnamed US officials following new US visa restrictions for Chinese officials whose policies are linked to human rights abuses.┆a step planned or taken as a means to an end "took strong measures against the rebels"
Russian Invasion of Ukraine in Easy English
○○○ take measures ⪢⪢
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov accuses Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky of inciting tensions with Russia and says the country will take measures to protect its diplomats. 2022-01-28 → incite
◎◎◎ the measure ⪢⪢
France's National Assembly votes to approve the government's planned COVID-19 pass. The measure will bar unvaccinated people from many public places. ┆a proposed legislative act "the Senate passed the measure by a 48–30 vote" → resolution