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○○○ Belarus ⪢⪢
The United Nations human rights office calls Belarus's seizure of a passenger jet to arrest an opposition reporter an "abuse of state power."
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○○○ Croatia ⪢⪢
In Brussels, Croatia becomes the 20th country to join the euro common currency group starting in 2023 after European Union ministers approve its membership. 2022-07-12
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○○○ Estonia ⪢⪢
Estonia's president has asked opposition leader Kaja Kallas of the center-right Reform Party to form the next government. The move follows the resignation of the prime minister, who is facing a criminal investigation.
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○○○ Medyka ⪢⪢
Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive at Poland's Medyka border crossing as Russian forces face increasing accusations of civilian killings. 2022-04-05
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○○○ Snake Island ⪢⪢
Ukraine calls the withdrawal of Russian forces from Snake Island in the Black Sea a victory. Russia says the move opens a path for agricultural exports. 2022-06-30
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