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○○○ bestow ⪢⪢
Since we've been able to look up at the Sun, we've been aware of light. As darkness is one of very few things that we instinctually fear, we have always bestowed light with godlike properties.
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○○○ bounce off of ⪢⪢
When we look at an object, we are actually seeing the light that is bouncing off of it.
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○○○ churn ⪢⪢
altogether encompass the entire planet → geodynamo, attain
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○○○ Heinrich Hertz ⪢⪢
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○○○ infrared ⪢⪢
Light with the longer wavelength than the reddest red our eyes can see is called infrared light.
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○○○ inherent ⪢⪢
-- predominant
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○○○ James Clerk Maxwell ⪢⪢
Figures like Newton and Huygens worked with light in the 17th century but a more sophisticated description of light which we call classical electromagnetism was developed largely by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century.  
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○○○ light ⪢⪢
It is made when matter is heated up or gains energy.
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○○○ look no further than ⪢⪢
If you want to see all of the colors in the visible light spectrum, look no further than a rainbow.
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○○○ mnemonic ⪢⪢
And if we zoom in on the visible portion we see some familiar colors.
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○○○ reflect ⪢⪢
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○○○ refraction ⪢⪢
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○○○ repel ⪢⪢
Opposite charges attract while like charges repel.
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○○○ shine on ⪢⪢
Things that look white are reflecting almost all of the visible light shining on them. Things that look black are absorbing almost all of the visible light shining on them.
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○○○ ultraviolet ⪢⪢
Light with the shorter wavelength than the most violet violet we can see is called ultraviolet.
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