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The history of climate cycles
climate cycles
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But not for long!
By about 450,000 years ago, global temperatures had dropped by about 6 degrees Celsius and stayed there for thousands of years.
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○○○ creep ⪢⪢
Glaciers crept out of their mountain ranges and down to lower elevations.
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○○○ epoch ⪢⪢
Over the rest of the Pleistocene epoch, the Rhino's range continued to grow and shrink in sync with global climate.
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Proverbs and Quotes in English
Short sentences and easy words.
○○○ ginger ⪢⪢
This ginger beast is better known as the woolly rhino and it made its living forging in the cold dry Tundra steppes.
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Hack the Moon
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○○○ Ice Age ⪢⪢
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○○○ initiative ⪢⪢
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○○○ Pleistocene ⪢⪢
Siberia in the Pleistocene might sound cold to you but it suited the woolly rhino just fine.
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○○○ Pyrenees ⪢⪢
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○○○ rust-colored ⪢⪢
700,000 years ago, a rust-colored rhino roamed the vast open highlands of Siberia and Central Asia.
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○○○ Saiga ⪢⪢
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◌◌◌ Tundra
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○○○ wild ⪢⪢
And 700,000 years ago the world was only a few degrees cooler than it is now, which is why at the time the range of the woolly rhinos was restricted to the cold wilds of Siberia.
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