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 Nazi, NATO and Azov
Nazi, NATO and Azov
○○○ battalion ⪢⪢
The Ukrainian Azov battalion was an extreme neo-nazi organization that apparently obtained support in Europe particularly in Germany.
○○○ disseminate ⪢⪢
Recruits of the ultra-nationalist Azov battalion disseminated flyers at neo-nazi gatherings across Europe to attract new members, the German magazine Spiegel said. → recruit, flyer
○○○ extinction ⪢⪢
Their marketing strategy appears to be working as more mercenaries join forces to save Europe from extinction.
○○○ gain ground ⪢⪢
According to Spiegel, the far right extremist volunteer Azov battalion is gaining ground in Germany. According to the magazine, their advertising strategy appears to be succeeding.
○○○ gear ⪢⪢
According to the magazine, photos of neo-nazi Germany dressed in war gear with the Azov symbol have appeared on social media networks.
○○○ mercenary ⪢⪢
Over 2,500 foreign mercenaries are presently fighting on their side on Ukraine's eastern front which is three times the number in 2014.
○○○ pamphlet ⪢⪢
According to reports, pamphlets were delivered to rock festival attendees in Femar, Pharyngea, encouraging them to join the ranks of those most suited to preserve Europe. → attendee, rank
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