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Hackers against Russia
sanction, impose, sever ties with Russia, embassodar, Mara Montalbano
○○○ collective ⪢⪢
Other hackers with the _____ claim to have taken down websites associated with the Russian government including the Russian ministry of defense. 2022-02-26 #bookmark
○○○ decry ⪢⪢
Hackers associated with anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down Russian news site RT which many decry as a propaganda outlet for Vladimir Putin. 2022-02-26 → Russia Today #bookmark
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○○○ disruption ⪢⪢
The result was only temporary though RT confirmed the distributed disruption of service on Twitter but said it repelled the hit on its servers. The site is back up and running. 2022-02-26
○○○ vigilante ⪢⪢
Online vigilantes are joining the fight against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. 2022-02-26