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Charles Darwin, On the origin of species
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◌◌◌ anole
○ ecomorph: A local variety of a species whose appearance is determined by its ecological environment.
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◌◌◌ Australopithecus
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◌◌◌ biped
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◌◌◌ Bipedalism
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DarwinCharles DarwinevidenceevolveschoolworkThe Beagleuniversity
◌◌◌ Denisovan
pleistocene, palimsest, osteology, paleoanthroplogy
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Great Rift Valley
How to sequence the human genome
Mark J. Kiel
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human origins
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Kin Selection
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◌◌◌ Neanderthal
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On The Origin Of Species
How do we explain how animals have evolved over time. Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and geologist, famously answered this question in his book 'On The Origin Of Species' which proposed the mechanism of evolutionary change within animal species.
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○○○ palimpsest ⪢⪢
So we're looking at a very complex dynamic in which human populations emerged, they mixed, they separated to some degree. Further populations emerged and mixed and colonized new areas.
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Later populations emerged and spread and covered up the evidence of some of the earlier mixture. Human populations in their genetic history are we archeologists would call a palimpsest.
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Probing Human Ancestry with Ancient DNA
Probing Human Ancestry with Ancient DNA
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The First Human
The First Human (Evolution Documentary) | Timeline
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