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The owl and the lion, belling the cat, Orpheus, the three little gnomes, the honest wood cutter, Anansi and wisdom, two friends and a bear, the tortoise and the bird
Anansi and the Wisdom
Belling the Cat
In an old mansion lived many mice. They lived a happy life but had a big danger nearby - a witty and big cat who also lived there.
Once upon a time there lived a great musician in Greece called Orpheus. He could make the most beautiful music ever heard. When he played his lyre even the birds would come by his window to listen to him play.
The Honest Woodcutter
The Owl and the Lion
Once upon a time there lived a big ferocious lion in the jungle. Because he was strong he bullied every other animal. The animals could no longer live in peace because of the lion.
The Three Little Gnomes
○ One day as the three gnomes were resting, they started hearing crying and sobbing. ○ The gnomes and the little girl mended the board's wounds and headed towards the cottage of the hill. ○ The next day the gnomes awoke with the sound of horse hoofs.
The Tortoise and the Bird
"What a shabby nest you have, little bird!"
Two Friends and a Bear
"He told me friends should not leave other friends alone in times of trouble!"