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○○○ orchid ⪢⪢
Native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the orchid mantis is characterized by brilliant coloring and a structure finely adapted for camouflage, mimicking parts of the orchid flower.
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praying mantis
appendage, cannibalism, communal, abdomen, thistle, conspicuous, deimatic, iridescent, scant, deliberation, blend, empusa, thorax, skewer, spiny, abdamen
○○○ prothorax ⪢⪢
It has an elongated head, a flattened extended prophorax(prothorax) and leaf-like protrusions from its limbs.
○○○ prothorax ⪢⪢
It is mainly black with distinctive reddish and yellowish markings, a pale green prothorax and a pale green wing pads.