Ukraine ⪢⪢
The country borders three former soviet states; Russia, Belarus, Moldova and four countries in the European Union; Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
○○○ Volodymyr Zelensky ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky meets with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo notes the U.S. government's continued support for Ukraine. #people
○○○ 2022.03.23 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, firefighters in Kyiv report the highest number of emergency calls since the war's start after Russia shelled the western part of the capital.
○○○ imminent ⪢⪢
Throughout the past few months there _____ been almost constant news and coverage in the West about Russia's imminent plans to invade Ukraine.
○○○ 2022.02.22 ⪢⪢
After Russian troops unleashed a brutal military assault on Ukraine launching more than 160 ballistic missiles and rockets across the country, a fiery scene shows the destruction in one town in the southeast part of the country.
○○○ compromise ⪢⪢
Russian officials consider a U.S. written answer to Russian demands over Ukraine. U.S. diplomats said the document offers no compromise to Russia.
○○○ worth ⪢⪢
In 1986, an accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor plant of Ukraine. That took 30 human lives and damaged property worth around 7 billion dollars. #bookmark
○○○ grain ⪢⪢
In Turkey, Russia's foreign minister meets with Turkish officials to discuss a plan to permit Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea. 2022-06-08
○○○ outlet ⪢⪢
Western media outlets have finally begun reporting on the neo-nazi threat that is growing inside Ukraine which is a close Western ally against Russia. 2018-07-06
○○○ Antony Blinken ⪢⪢
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urges Americans to leave Ukraine over, what he calls, "very troubling signs" related to Russian activities at the border.
○○○ Snake Island ⪢⪢
Ukraine calls the withdrawal of Russian forces from Snake Island in the Black Sea a victory. Russia says the move opens a path for agricultural exports. 2022-06-30
○○○ flee ⪢⪢
The United Nations refugee agency says more than 5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia began its invasion on February 24. 2022-04-21
○○○ 2022.02.27 ⪢⪢
It's 9 a.m. in Ukraine and the sun has risen on a country under siege, a country fighting to hang on the territory and democracy.
○○○ quintessential ⪢⪢
Ukraine is the quintessential borderland state.
○○○ square off ⪢⪢
NATO partners locked in a simulated battle with the massive Russian military escalation near Ukraine sending jitters throughout this entire region. → lock, jitter
○○○ department ⪢⪢
Ukraine criticizes the U.S. state department's decision to order families of U.S. embassy workers to leave as fears of a Russian envasion grow.
○○○ concern ⪢⪢
In eastern Ukraine, government troops facing Russian-supported separatists in Luhansk voice concern about whether peace can hold as diplomats continue talks. 2022-01-25
○○○ 2022.02.15 ⪢⪢
American diplomats say they are moving the U.S. embassy in Ukraine from Kyiv to Lviv because of Russia's military activities. #image #place
○○○ should ⪢⪢
It's Putin's superyacht and it's on the move. The magnificent $125 million vessel is sailing back home to Russia in a bid, experts say, to prevent it from being seized by the West _____ Putin invade Ukraine. 2022-02-16
○○○ shell ⪢⪢
A separatist leader in eastern Ukraine is calling for civilians to evacuate to Russia. Shelling between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues as Russia holds a nuclear training exercise. → call for
○○○ deployment ⪢⪢
The U.S. calls Russian troop deployment in two separatist areas of Ukraine "the beginning of an invasion". Russia said Monday that it recognized the two as independent states.
○○○ 2022.02.22 ⪢⪢
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz suspends the Nord Stream 2 gas pipe line from Russia as Western nations aim to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine.
○○○ physical ⪢⪢
Physically Ukraine is about the size of Texas.
○○○ USSR ⪢⪢
Ukraine shares borders with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, all countries that used to have close ties to the former USSR. → Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
○○○ 2014 ⪢⪢
The southern border of Ukraine is along the Black Sea. This was the site of war in Dunbas led by Russian separatists which led to the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014. → lead
○○○ 2022.02.25 ⪢⪢
Thousands of foreign students from Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, India and other places are trapped in Ukraine as Russian forces attack by land, sea and air. → trap
○○○ vigilante ⪢⪢
Online vigilantes are joining the fight against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. 2022-02-26
○○○ affectively ⪢⪢
Russia's President Vladimir Putin affectively declared war on Ukraine and authorized Russian military to invade the country.
○○○ amass ⪢⪢
And immediately prior to this declaration, the Russian army had amassed around 200,000 soldiers along with their tanks, artillery, equipment and field hospitals across their border and many others inside of Belarus along their border with Ukraine.
○○○ with ⪢⪢
What exactly _____ Vladimir Putin and Russia want with Ukraine?
○○○ For centuries before this event ⪢⪢
whether as part of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire, the modern countries we know of today as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others had all been a part of the same country and the people had largely moved between all of them across generations.
○○○ 2022.02.28 ⪢⪢
Talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegates begin near Ukraine's border with Belarus but the possibility of a ceasefire agreement remains unclear. → delegate
○○○ missile ⪢⪢
Video from the state emergency services shows a missile hitting the regional administration building in Ukraine's second largest city. The central freedom square and residential areas were also targeted.
○○○ 2022.03.02 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President is accusing Russia of committing war crime after missiles hit the city of Kharkiv.
○○○ 2022.03.01 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy acuses Russia of "terror" for shelling the city of Kharkiv as Russian forces push deeper into the country.
○○○ 2022.03.02 ⪢⪢
A top Chinese banking official says China will not join the United States and the European governments in placing financial restrictions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine.
○○○ 2022.03.02 ⪢⪢
Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi meets with Ukraine's embassador in Tokyo. Japan has offered humanitarian aid and joined sanctions against Russia. → meet with
○○○ 2022.03.03 ⪢⪢
Russia gave its first report of casualties today. The defence ministry announced nearly 500 Russian troops have so far died in its war on Ukraine.
○○○ 2022.03.03 ⪢⪢
Russia says it has siezed Ukraine's southern city of Kherson but the claim has not been confirmed.
○○○ 2022.03.03 ⪢⪢
The United Nations refugee agency says more than one million people have fled Ukraine since the start of Russia's invasion of the country last week. → flee
○○○ to the south ⪢⪢
Ukraine also has a coastline along the Black Sea to the south.
○○○ passage ⪢⪢
Russia announces a limited ceasefire and safe pathways for civilians to leave. But Ukraine says the passages only lead to Russia and Belarus. 2022-03-07
○○○ 2022.03.07 ⪢⪢
The United Nations estimates more than 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine in 10 days, the fastest such displacement in 20 years. →fleet
○○○ 2022.03.08 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister says Ukraine and Russia agreed to a temporary ceasefire to move civilians from the eastern city of Sumy.
○○○ 2022.03.09 ⪢⪢
Offcials in Ukraine say houses in the northeastern city of Sumy were destroyed by a Russian airstrike as fighting between the sides continues.
○○○ emblazon ⪢⪢
We're finally learning today what "Z" means. It's Russian shorthand for victory emblazoned on Russian tanks and military vehicles in Ukraine. Today critiques around the world are calling it "the New Swastika". 2022-03-08
○○○ 2022.03.10 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's foreign minister says peace talks with Russian officials have yet to produce an agreement in negotiations supported by Turkey.
○○○ most favorite nation ⪢⪢
President Joe Biden says the United States will withdraw its "most favorite nation" trade ties from Russia in another punishment for Russia's actions in Ukraine. 2022-03-11
○○○ 2022.03.15 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, an airstrike hits an apartment building on the edge of Kyiv as Russian military forces move closer to the city's center.
○○○ 2022.03.18 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, Russian forces carry out a missile strike on a military airplane repair center near the western city of Lviv. #image #place
○○○ 2022.03.21 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, Kyiv's mayor announces that 8 people died in shelling that destroyed a business area late Sunday as Russian forces continue the military campaign against the capital. #bookmark
○○○ 2022.04.11 ⪢⪢
A Ukrainian defence ministry spokesman says Russia is expected to launch a major offensive in eastern Ukraine soon.
○○○ 2022.03.24 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks to the NATO gathering in Brussels by video link. He urged the military alliance for more help in defending Ukraine from Russia.
○○○ 2022.03.24 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's navy releases video of what it says is the Russian warship Orsk burning at the port city of Berdyansk.
○○○ 2022.03.28 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signals willingness to compromise while Russia's foreign minister says direct talks between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents would be "counterproductive".
○○○ 2022.03.31 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk says Russia has agreed to let humanitarian aid enter the city of Mariupol and permit civilians to leave.
○○○ 2022.03.31 ⪢⪢
Satellite images taken March 31 appear to show a mass burial site near St. Andrew Church in Bucha, Ukraine, as Russia faces accusations of killing civilians.
○○○ 2022.04.05 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says since Ukraine cannot join the NATO military alliance, it is forced to seek security guarantees from Russia.
○○○ 2022.04.08 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, officials say a Russian missile struck a train station in eastern Ukraine killing about 50 people. Russia denies targeting the station.
○○○ 2022.04.12 ⪢⪢
The mayor of Mariupol, Ukraine, says he believes more than 10,000 civilians have died since Russian forces invaded the city.
○○○ 2022.04.13 ⪢⪢
And the presidents of four nations close to Russia travel to Kyiv to show support for Ukraine. The trips came after Russian President Vladimir Putin promised his country's offensive will continue to its full completion.
○○○ 2022.04.15 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, powerful explosions hit near Kyiv. Russia says it struck a missile factory 2 weeks after withdrawing from the area.
○○○ concern ⪢⪢
Fighting continues at a steel manufacturing center in Mariupol, Ukraine. Officials are concerned that civilians remain in the area. 2022-05-06
○○○ cram ⪢⪢
Scenes out of Ukraine show desperate people walking miles in freezing temperatures, cramming onto train station platforms and waiting hours at the Polish border. 2022-03-03
○○○ shortage ⪢⪢
The Egyptian government increases grain purchases to prevent shortages. About 80% of Egypt's wheat imports come from Russia and Ukraine. 2022-07-11
○○○ Rafael Grossi ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, the chief of the United Nations nuclear energy agency, Rafael Grossi, arrives in Zaporizhia with a team to inspect the area's nuclear power center. 2022-07-31
○○○ involvement ⪢⪢
Russian media show video of a reported failed drone attack by Ukraine that targeted President Vladimir Putin. A top Ukrainian official denied involvement in the reported incident. 2023-05-03
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