claim ⪢⪢
 claim ⪢⪢
 Cyril Ramaphosa
In South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa urges rich countries not to claim all the supplies of COVID-19 vaccines.
○○○ collective ⪢⪢
Other hackers with the collective claim to have taken down websites associated with the Russian government including the Russian ministry of defense. 2022-02-26 #bookmark
○○○ decry ⪢⪢
Hackers associated with anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down Russian news site RT which many decry as a propaganda outlet for Vladimir Putin. 2022-02-26 → Russia Today #bookmark
○○○ 2022-03-03 ⪢⪢
Russia says it has siezed Ukraine's southern city of Kherson but the claim has not been confirmed.
○○○ 2022-07-12 ⪢⪢
In the Philippines, people protest in Manila urging new President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. to protect the country's claim to the south China Sea.
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