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◎◎◎ myth ⪢⪢
A myth is a traditional story that explains a culture's history and beliefs. #pronunciation
 culture ⪢⪢
 2020-09-16 ⪢⪢
In Mongolia demonstrators protested the arrival of China's top diplomat on Tuesday. Critics accuse China of suppressing native language and culture in ethnic Mongolian areas within its borders.
○○○ myth ⪢⪢
Before science and psychology provided answers about our world, people used _____ to explain strange things in nature; the creation of the world and human actions and emotions. Different cultures had different stories to try to explain things. #quote
○○○ predominate ⪢⪢
The astrological horoscope that predominates in the West has its origins in several cultures. #pillow
○○○ mythology ⪢⪢
Most myths have supernatural beings or events. Greek mythology is the most popular and influential but many cultures around the world had their own tales and stories. #quote
○○○ complacency ⪢⪢
U.S. military investigators say a "culture of complacency" was partly responsible for a 2020 militant attack on U.S. forces in Kenya that killed 3 Americans. 2022-03-11
○○○ transcend ⪢⪢
While countless generations of artists have left their mark over the millennia, only some artworks have succeeded in transcending time and culture to be revered around the globe. → revere #art
○○○ rebirth ⪢⪢
A symbol of birth and rebirth, this bird is derived from Egyptian and Greek mythology though many cultures have their own version.
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