death ⪢⪢
 death ⪢⪢
He who fears death cannot enjoy life. #quote #Spanish_Proverb
○○○ link ⪢⪢
South Korea reports its first death _____ed to the new coronavirus. 2020-02-20
○○○ George Floyd ⪢⪢
In the U.S., the National Guard deploys to 21 states and Washington D.C. to calm violent protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man held by police last week.
○○○ raid ⪢⪢
In the West Bank, a Palestinian reporter is shot and killed covering an Israeli raid. Israeli and Palestinian officials exchange blame for the death. 2022-05-11
○○○ He is out there in the ocean. ⪢⪢
But he is here too in my dreams, always in my dreams. He will never leave me. He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter, whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm summer's night. But he brings only death. He is Moby Dick. #quote
○○○ appeal ⪢⪢
India's Supreme Court rejects the final appeal of a death sentence for the 2012 sexual attack and killing of a woman in New Delhi.
○○○ parole ⪢⪢
Brandon Elliot was convicted of stabbing his own mother to death with a kitchen knife in front of his 5 year old sister. Elliot served 17 years and was released in 2019 on lifetime _. He actually reported to his _ officer 4 days before the incident.
○○○ morph ⪢⪢
It's named after an Aztec God who escaped death by morphing this amphibian shape.
 1019~1054 Yaroslav the Wise ⪢⪢
After Vladimir's death, a new fratricidal war breaks out and turns to the advantage of Yaroslav the Wise. During his rein, the territory of the Kievan Rus' continues to expand and the Pechenegs threat is eliminated. #pronunciation
 1054 ⪢⪢
Yaroslav, who has many sons, fears a new fratricidal war after his death. He then decides to divide the Kievan Rus' into several principalities that he shares between his sons in whom he has the most confidence.
 1054 ⪢⪢
The eldest son gets the most important title of Grand Prince of Kiev. After his death, the cadet will take his place and the princes will change thrones.
 2022-04-06 ⪢⪢
China describes reports and images of civilian deaths in the Ukrainian city of Bucha as "deeply disturbing" and calls for an investigation. #pronunciation
○○○ crush ⪢⪢
In Cameroon, officials say at least 8 people were crushed to death in a stampede at an Africa Cup of Nations soccer game in Yaounde. 2022-01-25
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