was to ⪢⪢
Ashamed he decreed that the prince was use a special hat that would cover his ears and that he was never to take it off. The prince was not to know about his donkey ears. → decree #be
○○○ that ⪢⪢
But then they decided that what was the best was to build a hidden trapdoor. #bookmark
○○○ mention ⪢⪢
The sign of Aquarius mentions the abduction myth of the gorgeous Ganymede who was abducted by Zeus in oder to serve the gods in Olympus. His role was to fill the bowls and cups of gods with the nectar of immortality.
○○○ prima donna ⪢⪢
But against Erik's will, the lead was to be played by the prima donna Carlotta and not by Christine. #fairy #be
○○○ nor ⪢⪢
Their head was too big or their legs were too short nor they were too dumb. #grammar
○○○ Ground X-Vehicle ⪢⪢
Another failed DARPA project is the Gound X-Vehicle. The original mission was to create a safer military vehicle without adding too much armor around the body, wheels.
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