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○○○ abductor ⪢⪢
The voice of the man behind the mask was charming and Christine began to find herself attracted to her abductor. #fairy
○○○ beloved ⪢⪢
Christine ran away to her beloved Raoul whom she married a short time after. #fairy
○○○ cellar ⪢⪢
In the middle of the confusion, a masked Erik kidnapped Christine and brought her to the cellars beneath the opera stage where he lived. #grammar #fairy
○○○ chandelier ⪢⪢
He then cut the rope of the grand chandelier which plummeted into the audience. → plummet #fairy
○○○ Christine Daaé ⪢⪢
Since she was child, Christine Daaé, a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, traveled around Europe with her father who was a great musician. #fairy
○○○ debut ⪢⪢
One special night, Christine made her debut on the opera stage. #fairy
○○○ enchanted ⪢⪢
The days passed and Christine became more and more enchanted by the mysterious voice that so knowingly taught her to sing better and better. #fairy
○○○ Erik ⪢⪢
The voice belonged not to an angel but to Erik, a strange musical genius who had forever been living in opera and was also called the phantom of the opera by the opera patrons. → patron #fairy
○○○ Faust ⪢⪢
Some time after the gala, the Paris opera performed Faust. #fairy
○○○ garner ⪢⪢
Christine triumphed at the gala and garnered tremendous applause from the audience. #fairy
○○○ Palais Garnier ⪢⪢
And she was given a position in the chorus at the Paris opera house which is called the Palais Garnier. #fairy
○○○ personification ⪢⪢
Her father used to tell her many stories about the angel of music, the personification of musical inspiration. #fairy
○○○ prima donna ⪢⪢
But against Erik's will, the lead was to be played by the prima donna Carlotta and not by Christine. #fairy #be
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○○○ Raoul ⪢⪢
When they arrived in Paris, Christine met a young boy called Raoul. #fairy
○○○ recall ⪢⪢
Her old childhood friend Raoul was also there in the audience at the opera and recalled his love for her. #fairy
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera