that ⪢⪢
But then they decided _____ what was best was to build a hidden trapdoor. #bookmark
 that ⪢⪢
Together they act as a kind of label _____ defines what's in between them.
 that ⪢⪢
Also make sure that that S is pronounced as a z- voiced Z sound, Tuesday. #bookmark
◎◎◎ constant ⪢⪢
_____ means that something happens all the time without stopping.
⨀⨀⨀ Margaret Thatcher ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ tool ⪢⪢
A tool is something that helps you do a task.
◎◎◎ recommend ⪢⪢
To recommend something is to say that someone should do it.
◎◎◎ property ⪢⪢
Property is something that someone owns.
◎◎◎ product ⪢⪢
A product is something that is made.
◎◎◎ celebrate ⪢⪢
To _____ is to do something to show that an event is special.
◎◎◎ limit ⪢⪢
A _____ is the largest or smallest amount of something that you allow.
◎◎◎ example ⪢⪢
An _____ of something is a thing that is typical of it.
◎◎◎ crop ⪢⪢
A _____ is food that a farmer grows.
◎◎◎ grass ⪢⪢
_____ is the green leaves that cover the ground.
◎◎◎ ocean ⪢⪢
The ocean is all of the salt water that surrounds land.
◎◎◎ success ⪢⪢
_____ is doing something well that you choose to do.
◎◎◎ condition ⪢⪢
The _____ of someone or something is the state that they are in.
◎◎◎ claim ⪢⪢
To _____ means to say that something is true.
◎◎◎ advantage ⪢⪢
An _____ is something that helps you.
◎◎◎ brave ⪢⪢
_____ means you are willing to do something that is very difficult.
◎◎◎ brain ⪢⪢
A brain is the organ inside your head that controls your body.
◎◎◎ bomb ⪢⪢
A _____ is the device that explodes with great force.
◎◎◎ body ⪢⪢
A _____ is all of the parts that a person is made up.
◎◎◎ bird ⪢⪢
A _____ is a creature that flies in the sky.
◎◎◎ complement ⪢⪢
When two angles are complementary, we say that one angle is the _____ of the other. #math
◎◎◎ secret ⪢⪢
A _____ is something that you do not tell other people.
◎◎◎ invertebrate ⪢⪢
Invertebrates are animals that do not have backbones. → vertebrate
◎◎◎ vertebrate ⪢⪢
Vertebrates are animals that have spines or backbones.
◎◎◎ malvertising ⪢⪢
_____ is the word for online ads that can attack your computer if you click on them. #bookmark
◎◎◎ mandatory ⪢⪢
Mandatory is something that must be done or is required by law.
◎◎◎ junta ⪢⪢
A junta is a small group that takes ruling power after overthrowing a government.
◎◎◎ adventure ⪢⪢
An _____ is a fun or exciting thing that you do.
◎◎◎ well ⪢⪢
You use _____ to say that something was done in a good way.
◎◎◎ experiment ⪢⪢
An experiment is a test that you do to see what will happen.
◎◎◎ bank ⪢⪢
A bank is an organization that keeps and lends money.
◎◎◎ protein ⪢⪢
_____ is a substance that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong.
◎◎◎ riot ⪢⪢
A riot is a crowd that reacts to bad news by violently breaking laws.
◎◎◎ frequency ⪢⪢
The _____ of something is the number of times that it happens.
◎◎◎ jealousy ⪢⪢
Jealousy is a feeling of wanting something that somebody else has.
◎◎◎ myth ⪢⪢
A _____ is a traditional story that explains a culture's history and beliefs.
◎◎◎ distrust ⪢⪢
To distrust means to believe that they are not honest.
◎◎◎ lid ⪢⪢
A lid is a top for a box or container that can be removed. #grammar
◎◎◎ source ⪢⪢
A _____ of something is the place that it comes from.
◎◎◎ lump ⪢⪢
A lump is a small piece of something that is solid.
◎◎◎ ceremony ⪢⪢
A ceremony is an event that happens on special occasions.
◎◎◎ subject ⪢⪢
a topic that is being discussed or taught
◎◎◎ offense ⪢⪢
An offense is an action that breaks the law and requires punishment.
◎◎◎ landmark ⪢⪢
A land mark is an object that helps people find or remember a location.
◎◎◎ thermometer ⪢⪢
A _____ is a device that measures temperature.
◎◎◎ vampire ⪢⪢
A vampire is a fictional monster that sleeps in a coffin and sucks people's blood.
◎◎◎ habitual ⪢⪢
If something is habitual, it is a behavior that a person usually does or has. → habit
◎◎◎ oversee ⪢⪢
To _____ something means to make sure that it is being done properly.
◎◎◎ phoenix ⪢⪢
A phoenix is an imaginary bird that burns to ashes and is reborn.
◎◎◎ meteorology ⪢⪢
_____ is the science that studies the weather.
◎◎◎ innovation ⪢⪢
An innovation is a product or idea that is new or very original.
◎◎◎ mob ⪢⪢
A mob is a large crowd of people that often wants to cause violence.
◎◎◎ certify ⪢⪢
To certify something means to confirm that its results are true.
◎◎◎ pest ⪢⪢
A pest is an animal or insect that hurts plants or food.
◎◎◎ mash ⪢⪢
To mash something is to crush it so that it is soft.
◎◎◎ enigma ⪢⪢
An _____ is someone or something that is mysterious or hard to understand.
◎◎◎ thereby ⪢⪢
If something happens _____ an action, then it is the result of that action.
◎◎◎ arrogant ⪢⪢
If someone is arrogant, they think that they are more important than others.
◎◎◎ eliminate ⪢⪢
To eliminate something that is unwanted means to completely remove it.
◎◎◎ input ⪢⪢
Input is information that is put into a computer.
◎◎◎ suspicion ⪢⪢
A _____ is a feeling that something is possible or true in a crime.
◎◎◎ stimulus ⪢⪢
A stimulus is something that causes growth or activity.
◎◎◎ pouch ⪢⪢
A _____ is a small, flexible bag that is usually made of cloth.
◎◎◎ marble ⪢⪢
_____ is a type of rock that feels cold and is smooth when cut.
◎◎◎ mast ⪢⪢
A _____ is a long pole on a ship that holds the sail.
◎◎◎ imprint ⪢⪢
An _____ is an effect or lesson from an experience that is hard to forget. #bookmark
◎◎◎ hound ⪢⪢
A hound is a type of dog that is often used for racing or hunting.
◎◎◎ hurt ⪢⪢
To _____ is to do something that makes you feel pain.
◎◎◎ muscle ⪢⪢
Muscle is a mass of tissue attached to bone that helps you move.
◎◎◎ alas ⪢⪢
Alas is a word that people say when something bad happens.
◎◎◎ controversy ⪢⪢
A _____ is a dispute about something that affects many people.
◎◎◎ flat ⪢⪢
Flat describes something that is level and smooth with no curved parts.
◎◎◎ dictionary ⪢⪢
A dictionary is a book that tells you what words mean.
◎◎◎ original ⪢⪢
If something is original, it is the first one of that thing.
◎◎◎ habit ⪢⪢
A habit is a thing that you do often.
◎◎◎ prime number ⪢⪢
A _____ is one that's only divisible by itself and 1. #math
◎◎◎ coronavirus ⪢⪢
Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses. They consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with protein spikes. This gives it the appearance of a crown. 'Crown' in Latin is called 'corona' and that's how these viruses get their name.
○○○ Point ⪢⪢
First we look at a point. This is nothing more than a location in space. It is zero-dimensional, meaning that it has no dimensions of any kind. #math
○○○ pneumonia ⪢⪢
In December 2019, there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in China. Investigations found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus, now named the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.
○○○ Somewhere beyond the sea, ⪢⪢
somewhere waiting for me, my lover stands on golden sands and watches the ships that go sailing. Somewhere beyond the sea, she's there watching for me. If I could fly like birds on high, then, straight to her arms, I'd go sailing. #song
○○○ would ⪢⪢
His heart _____ soften when he saw Persephone and he was amazed by her youth and her beauty and her freshness. He asked Demeter to marry Persephone but Demeter said that that _____ never happen.
○○○ spillover ⪢⪢
It's known that coronaviruses circulate in a range of animals. Sometimes these viruses can make the jump from animals to humans. This is called a spillover. → spill
○○○ case ⪢⪢
South Korea now has over 200 reported _____s of the new coronavirus. That is 4 times the number on Tuesday. 2020-02-21
○○○ hope ⪢⪢
I _____ , for you and for your men, that you never find Moby Dick.
○○○ will ⪢⪢
My wish is that your son _ be the most handsom of all men. #bookmark
○○○ was to ⪢⪢
Ashamed he decreed that the prince was use a special hat that would cover his ears and that he was never to take it off. The prince was not to know about his donkey ears. → decree #be
○○○ get ⪢⪢
Social media is not real. You're only seeing the curated part of someone's life. Your life is different from theirs because you _____ to experience the stuff that never _____s posted. → curate #quote
○○○ Copernicus's theory ⪢⪢
When Galileo announced that he believed in Copernicus's theory that the earth revolved around the sun, some officials of the Roman Catholic church were angry. #possessive
○○○ Reflections in the waves spark my memories. ⪢⪢
I look to the sea. _____ Some happy some sad. I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had. We live happily forever so the story goes. But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold. And we'll try best that we can to carry on. #song #lyrics
○○○ espouse ⪢⪢
Militant Islamic terrorists in Egypt have left a bloody trail of destruction. The loss of inocent lives from deadly bombings and other attacks had led the government to condemn extremist Islamic terrorists that espouse violence.
○○○ would ⪢⪢
Meantime he plays the piano for a world that now realizes you can discover stunning talent in people you'd never expect. #bookmark
○○○ acrobat ⪢⪢
There were acrobats at the circus that did impressive and complicated jumps. #bookmark
○○○ blindfold ⪢⪢
That night, the captain of the thieves took the blindfolded carpenter a second time.
○○○ black box ⪢⪢
In China, officials say they have recovered the "black box" flight recorder of the China Eastern Airplane that crashed days ago, killing 132 people. 2022-03-23
○○○ Solomon Islands ⪢⪢
China confirms it signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands that could send Chinese police and armed forces to the Pacific nation. 2022-04-20 #image #place
○○○ puplish ⪢⪢
That company publishes daily newspapers.
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