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Hubris, mortal, Minotaur, ...
 Zeus Family Tree
Zeus Family Tree
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Edith Hamilton
 Introduction to Mythology    Chapter 9 - Perseus  
 Greek Gods
Greek Gods Summarized
King Midas
 Odysseus, Master of Schemes
Once upon a time there lived a great musician in Greece called Orpheus. Orpheus lived with his wife Eurydice who loved him very deeply. Orpheus is also madly in love with Eurydice. They really were made for each other.
 Persephone & Sysphus
 Perseus 1
Plans of Bismarckian Proportion
 Perseus 1
Zeus turned himself into golden rain and, this way, managed to get inside through the openings of the tower where the princess was enclosed. The golden rain fell on Danae's lap and Zeus impregnated her.
 Perseus 1
Acrisius decided to lock the princess and her baby in an urn and threw both into the sea. At the request of Zeus, Poseidon guided the urn to Seriphus where Perseus and her mother were rescued by Dictys, a fisher and the brother of king Polydects.
 Perseus 2
 The Prince with Donkey Ears
The king decreed that the prince was to use a special hat that would cover his ears and that he was never to take it off. When the royal barber took the prince's hat off he was surprised as was the prince to see the donkey ears.
 Trojan Horse
"Sometimes what appears to be a gift can be a trap instead."