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Have you ever looked up into the sky and wandered what was there? Higher than the birds, past the clouds and farther than the moon, a whole host of fascinating objects spin in outer space.
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A word that makes no sense to me pronunciation wise, so I'm sure, is confusing for you as well.
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Galileo was famous for demonstrating that light and heavy objects fall at exactly the same speed unless an object is so light that it is slowed by the air.
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"In reality," the gnomes answered, "the animals are the ones that led us to you and your cottage. We just took her where they told us to go."
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Thousands of years ago, ancient astronomers looked up at the sky and realized that some of the things they thought were stars were moving in ways they didn't expect.
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What _____ I got to do to make you love me / what _____ I got to do to make you care
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See the mirror in your eyes. See the truth behind your eyes. Your lies are haunting me.
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See the reason in your eyes. Giving answer to the why. Your lies are haunting me.