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The branch of mathematics concerning linear equations, linear maps and their representations in vector spaces and through matrices.
07 How to organize, add and multiply matrices
By now, I'm sure that in just anything you do in your life, you need numbers. In particular, though some fields don't just need a few numbers, they need lots of them. How do you keep track of those numbers?
Proverbs and Quotes in English
Short sentences and easy words.
03 Introduction to Linear Algebra04 Understanding Matrices and Matrix Notation05 Elementary Row Operations and Gauss-Jordan Elimination06 Types of Matrices and Matrix Addition07 Matrix Multiplication and Associated Properties08 Evaluating the Determinant of a Matrix09 The Vector Cross Product10 Inverse Matrices and Their PropertiesOrthogonality and Orthonormality
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Matthew Salomone
Matthew Salomone202W.00 Getting Started202W.01.1 What is Linear Algebra?202W.02 The parametric solution set of a linear system202W.02A Numbers of variables and equations means...202W.02B What do pivots mean? 2x2 examples202W.02C What do pivots mean? 3x3 examples202W.03C Linear systems and linear combinations202W.03D Intro to Matrices and Matrix Multiplication202W.03E What does linear algebra "look like?"202W.04E Linear Independence Activity 2.4.3
Sec 2.2 Properties of matrix operations
01 Motivation02 Tensor Definition03 Correction on Forward + Backward Transforms03 Forward and Backward Transformations (contains error; read description!04 Vector definition05 Vector Transformation Rules06 What are Covectors?
What is a Vector Space? (Abstract Algebra)
Why is Linear Algebra Useful?