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If you insist that you're innocent anyway, you'll likely be found guilty and executed. But if you confess, apologize and implicate others for good measure, you'll go free.
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The country's rugged geography makes administration from a central government difficult. A scarcity of available land combined with poor overland transportation also complicate capital formation making Greece one of the least developed countries in the eu
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The Louisiana Purchase wasn't a great political maneuver. It was more like an accident.
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The Louisiana Purchase was basically a real estate deal. In 1803 the U.S. bought about 2 million square kilometers of land called "Louisiana Territory" from France.
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Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, love, desire and pleasure. In Hesiod's theogony she was born from sea foam and Uranus severed genitals. In Homer's Iliad she is daughter of Zeus and Dione.
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See the mirror in your eyes. See the truth behind your eyes. Your lies are haunting me.
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See the reason in your eyes. Giving answer to the why. Your lies are haunting me.
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How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow. Birds high up on the trees serenade the flowers with their melodies.
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See there beyond the hill the bright colors of the rainbow. Some magic from above made this day for us just to fall in love.
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How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow. Birds high up in the trees serenade the flowers with their melodies.
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See there beyond the hill the bright colors of the rainbow. Some magic from above made this day for us just to fall in love.
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Now I belong to you from this day until forever. Just love tenderly and I'll give to every part of me.
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Those born between the dates of July 23rd and August 22nd can expect to fall under the constallation of Leo, the 5th sign in the zodiac cycle. Leo's name derived from Latin word for 'lion'.
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Aries is the first of the 12 zodiac signs and represents anyone whose birthday falls between the dates of March 21st and April 19th. The name Aries comes from the Latin word meaning 'ram'.
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a diagram of the heavens, showing the relative position of planets and the signs of the zodiac, for use in calculating births, foretelling events in a person's life, etc.
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The island of Delos was one of the most important places in the ancient Greek world with temples honoring the birthplace of the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis.
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Oia is the postcard image of the Greek isles. This idyllic ensemble of whitewashed houses and characteristic domes is delicately draped over a steep slope at the top of the cliff.
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all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole.
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a poem or prose composition, usually describing pastoral scenes or events or any charmingly simple episode, appealing incident, or the like.
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Zeus, king of the gods, ruler of Mt. Olympus and god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order and justice.
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an extended mass of ice formed from snow falling and accumulating over the years and moving very slowly, either descending from high mountains, as in valley glaciers, or moving outward from centers of accumulation, as in continental glaciers.
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of or relating to glaciers or ice sheets.
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Social media is not real. You're only seeing the curated part of someone's life. Your life is different from theirs because you get to experience the stuff that never gets posted.
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I'm sick of hearing about all the ridiculous things the president says.
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"A wolf in sheep's clothing" is a warning. It warns us to not trust someone just because they seem nice on the outside.
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Apogee is when the moon is at its farthest point from the earth.
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Now about half a month later, the moon has orbited halfway around its path and it gets to its closest point to the earth. We refer to this as perigee.
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The reason we don't see the asteroid impacts on earth the same way we see the craters on the moon is because on earth those craters have been wiped away by the action of weather and erosion and weathering and the movement of tectonic plates.
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a traveling amusement show, having sideshows, rides, etc.
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an animal that eats flesh.
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a person who eats human flesh, especially for magical or religious purposes, as among certain tribal peoples.
VOA60: July 29, 2020
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A social media influencer is a person who gets paid to promote certain products or services to their follower base on media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on.
VOA60: July 28, 2020
colonel or kernel
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wander or wonder
404130074 ▷▷▶
wander or wonder
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Their dictum of "all is number" suggested that numbers were the building blocks of the universe.
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Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
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Thousands of years ago, ancient astronomers looked up at the sky and realized that some of the things they thought were stars were moving in ways they didn't expect.
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US President Donald Trump warned Americans Tuesday that the coronavirus _____ will unfortunately get worse before it gets better.
VOA60: July 22, 2020
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Japan has launched the first Arab mission to the planet _____. The unmanned space craft is a project of researchers in the United Arab Emirates.
VOA60: July 20, 2020
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In Iraq thousands rally in Baghdad after a religious leader called for protests against the _____ of US troops.
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The Iraqi parliament on Sunday passed a _____ calling for foreign troops to leave the country.
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Digits make up numerals and numerals stand for an idea of a _____ just like letters make up words and words stand for ideas.
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The Goldbach _____ says that every even number is the sum of two primes. A prime number is one that's only divisible by itself and 1.
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What _____ I got to do to make you love me / what _____ I got to do to make you care
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With logs, the base of the log _____ to the power of what's on the other side of the equal sign will equal the number that the log is operating on.
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So if you want to find log base b of x, you're asking 'What power you have to _____ b to in oder to get x?'
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Who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? I give China great credit.
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"As a token of your belief in me, _____ must walk behind you as you travel back to the upper world", Hades said,
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"and you must not _____ Eurydice until you have exited the underworld."
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The main ingredients in Beyond Meat's latest burger are peas, rice and mung beans for protein, _____ for color, and potato starch and coconut oil for juiciness.
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Named after the emperor at the time, the Pague of _____ is estimated to have wiped out about half of Europe's population.
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The virus was initially referred to as the 2019-nCoV or the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and was informally called the _____ Coronavirus.
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Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses. They consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with protein spikes. This gives it the appearance of a _____. '_____' in Latin is called 'corona' and that's how these viruses get their name.
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Ebola is caused by six species of virus with four known to cause _____ in humans and each is named after the locations of their outbreaks.
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Be careful of those offering you a _____ scheme or a system or a miracle cure because it's most definitely a trap. You are the mouse and they are holding up the free cheese.
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Despite its name, bald eagles are not bald. Their name comes from the word '_____' which means 'covered in patches of light and dark colors'.
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More than 75 years later, that planetary status was _____d and Pluto was _____d to a dwarf planet.
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He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter, whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm _____'s night.
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He criticized the Church for selling _____ , the practice of purchasing forgiveness for one's sins by giving money to the church.
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Before science and psychology provided answers about our world, people used _____ to explain strange things in nature; the creation of the world and human actions and emotions.
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In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts.