early ⪢⪢
The early bird gets the worm. #quote
○○○ dawn ⪢⪢
Oh, say can you see by the _____'s early light. #song
○○○ light ⪢⪢
Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early _____. #song
○○○ root ⪢⪢
The origins of what Putin wants today are rooted in what happened more than 3 decades ago back in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union first collapsed.
○○○ 1962.10.22+ The United States insisted ⪢⪢
that the missile bases be removed while the Soviet Union and Cuba refused to admit that the bases even existed. As the days continued, the Soviet Union remained diligent and the Kennedy administration began preparing the early stages of an invasion plan.
○○○ suggest ⪢⪢
In Tunisia, early results suggest Tunisians have approved a new constitution with 27.5% of voters taking part in the process. 2022-07-26
 Predicting the Future 2
"I'm not going to get home early this evening. The traffic is terrible."
 The Poincare Conjecture
In the early 1900s mathematicians and physicists were very interested in the shape of space. New experiments and theories were being developed that would ultimately create relativity theory and change our entire view of the universe.
  Early Greek Philosophy
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