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What Russia wants in Ukraine
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○○○ affectively ⪢⪢
Russia's President Vladimir Putin affectively declared war on Ukraine and authorized Russian military to invade the country.
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○○○ amass ⪢⪢
And immediately prior to this declaration, the Russian army had amassed around 200,000 soldiers along with their tanks, artillery, equipment and field hospitals across their border and many others inside of Belarus along their border with Ukraine.
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○○○ evolve ⪢⪢
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○○○ For centuries before this event ⪢⪢
whether as part of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire, the modern countries we know of today as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others had all been a part of the same country and the people had largely moved between all of them across generations.
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○○○ found ⪢⪢
On the morning of February the 24th, these fears proved to be well founded.
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○○○ imminent ⪢⪢
Throughout the past few months there _____ been almost constant news and coverage in the West about Russia's imminent plans to invade Ukraine.
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○○○ root ⪢⪢
The origins of what Putin wants today are rooted in what happened more than 3 decades ago back in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union first collapsed.
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○○○ sweeping ⪢⪢
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Territorial Expansion of Russia
Territorial Expansion of Russia
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○○○ with ⪢⪢
What exactly _____ Vladimir Putin and Russia want with Ukraine?
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