rest ⪢⪢
To rest means to stop being active while the body gets back its strength. #bookmark
◎◎◎ restrain ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ restate ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ take measures ⪢⪢
China says it will take measures against unnamed US officials following new US visa restrictions for Chinese officials whose policies are linked to human rights abuses.┆a step planned or taken as a means to an end "took strong measures against the rebels"
◎◎◎ restrict ⪢⪢
 rest ⪢⪢
Caribou may be faster than bears on the open plain but they must also rest the calves. → calf
 rest ⪢⪢
○○○ dissent ⪢⪢
The protesters were supporters of Selahattin Demirtas, a pro-Kurdish politician, arrested last year in Turkey. Rights groups say his arrest was part of Turkey's restrictions on _____.
○○○ restriction ⪢⪢
Japanese officials announce all COVID-19 restrictions in Tokyo and 17 areas _____ be lifted on March 21. 2022-03-16 #bookmark
○○○ restriction ⪢⪢
In Britain, more than one thousand trucks cannot enter Europe because of European COVID-19 restrictions linked to a new kind of coronavirus. 2020-12-22
 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Iran is not in a hurry to rejoin a 2015 nuclear deal but demanded an end to restrictions on his country.
○○○ agree ⪢⪢
The food is very good in that restaurant. I agree with you.
○○○ vaccinate ⪢⪢
Denmark lifts all restrictions related to COVID-19 as more than 80% of the population is fully vaccinated.
◌◌◌ Xiaomi
Chinese officials say they hope the U.S. will be fair to Chinese companies after the U.S. moves to lift restrictions on the Chinese communications equipment company _____.
○○○ sob ⪢⪢
One day as the three gnomes were resting, they started hearing crying and sobbing. #pillow
○○○ slice ⪢⪢
One technique is to slice halfway through and let the wind do the rest.
○○○ reactor ⪢⪢
The United Nations nuclear agency says North Korea appears to have restarted operations at a nuclear reactor used to produce fuel for weapons. 2021-08-30
○○○ everyday ⪢⪢
357 miles above planet Earth tonight four everyday Americans in process of proving that space travel for the rest of us is possible.
○○○ wild ⪢⪢
And 700,000 years ago the world was only a few degrees cooler than it is now, which is why at the time the range of the woolly rhinos was restricted to the cold wilds of Siberia.
○○○ epoch ⪢⪢
Over the rest of the Pleistocene epoch, the Rhino's range continued to grow and shrink in sync with global climate.
○○○ restate ⪢⪢
○○○ hold out ⪢⪢
Suddenly it seems plant-based meat is everywhere, grocery stores, sit down restaurants even fast food chains but perhaps the world's most famous fast food chain is holding out.
○○○ restrict ⪢⪢
○○○ restrain ⪢⪢
○○○ Paris ⪢⪢
The ghost of revolution still prowls the Paris streets. Down all the restless centuries it wanders incomplete. It speaks inside the cheap red wine of Cafe summer nights. Its red and amber voices call the cars at traffic lights. #song
○○○ Ottawa ⪢⪢
In Ottawa, streets near Canada's parlament were quiet after a weekend police operation ended weeks of protests against pandemic restrictions. A police official said at least 191 people were arrested.
○○○ revive ⪢⪢
In Vienna, talks between Iran and international negotiators restart in an effort to revive a 2015 agreement to limit Iran's nuclear program. The U.S. eased sanctions on Iran earlier this month. 2022-02-28
○○○ 2022-03-02 ⪢⪢
Ukrainians are calling on other nations to do more to punish Russia for its invasion of the sovereign nation asking for it to be completely isolated from the rest of the world.
○○○ Manila ⪢⪢
In the Philippines, heavy traffic returns as officials open Manila and 38 other cities, ending almost all COVOD-19 restrictions as cases fall. 2022-03-01
○○○ 2022-03-02 ⪢⪢
A top Chinese banking official says China will not join the United States and the European governments in placing financial restrictions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine.
○○○ place ⪢⪢
China places heavy COVID-19 restrictions on Shanghai, including testing requirements and travel bans, as case numbers there rise. 2022-03-28
○○○ Li Keqiang ⪢⪢
European Union officials begin talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang by video link as the EU seeks China's help with restrictions on Russia. 2022-04-01
○○○ 2022-04-07 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks to the parliament of Greece calling for more weapons and new restrictions on Russia.
○○○ restrict ⪢⪢
In China, people in Shanghai ask officials to ease strong anti-COVID-19 measures as the city reports 23,000 cases daily while millions are restricted to their homes. 2022-04-15 → measure #China
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