while ⪢⪢
 while ⪢⪢
But all the _____ , the shadowy figure watched from below.
◎◎◎ rest ⪢⪢
To rest means to stop being active while the body gets back its strength.
◎◎◎ suspend ⪢⪢
To suspend something means to delay or stop it from happening for a while.
○○○ sideline ⪢⪢
While Burger King, White Castle, Carl's Jr. and others are rolling out plant-based menu items, McDonald's is standing on the sidelines.
○○○ stalagmite ⪢⪢
While _____s come up from the floor of a cave like a column. #bookmark
○○○ double standard ⪢⪢
Hong Kong's leader says foreigners are using a double standard when they talk about Chinese efforts to stop protesters in the city while ignoring unrest in the U.S.
○○○ If you've been following me for a while, ⪢⪢
you know that I often talk about the importance of consistent repetitive active practice because that leads to muscle memory or automaticity, the ability to do something without thinking about it too much or stressing about it.
○○○ hot ⪢⪢
Strike while the iron is hot. → cold #quote
○○○ Wednesday ⪢⪢
The reason that _____ is spelled so funny is because it's actually Woden's day. Woden was the big guy of Germanic mythology and the creator of the universe and master of hunting and war while the Roman god Mercury was a mere messenger to the gods. #Greece
○○○ spontaneous ⪢⪢
My wife made a _____ decision to buy a new sofa while I was at work.
○○○ hide ⪢⪢
The other children will _____ while you count to one hundred.
Their claws are actually more similar to a dog's than to those of other cats helping cheetahs maintain traction and gain speed while running.
○○○ Shinzo Abe ⪢⪢
In Japan, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the country's longest-serving leader, has died after being shot while campaigning in the city of Nara. 2022-07-08
○○○ catch up ⪢⪢
Whether we can oneday know everything, there is to know, we can't yet say. But we already know more than enough to keep you busy catching up for a while. So let's learn some physics.
○○○ bullet point ⪢⪢
Ordered list will use the OL tag to add numbers at the beginning of each line while unordered list will use the UL tag to add a bullet point to each line. #bookmark #it
○○○ homage ⪢⪢
Trenet's French version paid _____ to the changing moods of the sea while Lawrence, by adding the word 'beyond' to the title, created lyrics about a lover finding for a lost love.
○○○ repel ⪢⪢
Opposite charges attract while like charges repel.
○○○ 2021.08.16 evacuation ⪢⪢
Seven people are dead at the Kabul airport, as thousands of Afghans rush to the site attempting to leave the country, while western nations conduct evacuations.
○○○ tumble ⪢⪢
He lost his balance while snowboarding and _____d to the ground.
○○○ deputy ⪢⪢
While the sheriff was ill, the deputy took over his duties. #bookmark
○○○ Etna ⪢⪢
Despite the volcano's wrath and explosivity, nobody in this video was injured in its eruption. Thankfully for the people in this video, they were far enough back to be out of harm's way while being able to capture this extreme moment on film.
○○○ Versailles ⪢⪢
While we wait to see the day begin, our time is wasting in the wind. Wondering why, wondering why, it echoes through the lonely palace of Versailles.
○○○ 2022.03.02 ⪢⪢
While ordinary people stand ready to fight off their invaders on their home territory, the international community is offering support, weapons and sanctions against Russia hoping to get President Putin to back down.
○○○ 1962.10.22+ The United States insisted ⪢⪢
that the missile bases be removed while the Soviet Union and Cuba refused to admit that the bases even existed. As the days continued, the Soviet Union remained diligent and the Kennedy administration began preparing the early stages of an invasion plan.
○○○ 2022.03.28 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signals willingness to compromise while Russia's foreign minister says direct talks between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents would be "counterproductive".
○○○ restrict ⪢⪢
In China, people in Shanghai ask officials to ease strong anti-COVID-19 measures as the city reports 23,000 cases daily while millions are restricted to their homes. 2022-04-15 → measure #China
○○○ frequent ⪢⪢
While Dad was sick, the doctor made _____ visits to his house.
○○○ swing ⪢⪢
Debt swings occur in two big cycles. One takes about 5 to 8 years and the other takes about 75 to 100 years. While most people feel the swings, they typically don't see them as cycles because they see them too up close - day by day, week by week. #economy
○○○ beside ⪢⪢
The mother sat _____ her baby's bed while she was sick in the hospital.
○○○ blow ⪢⪢
The boxer suffered many _____s while fighting in the boxing ring.
○○○ season ⪢⪢
Fall is a warm _____ , while winter is very cold.
○○○ intriguing ⪢⪢
While the LS3 was far from the first futuristic military technology that DARPA created, with the robot's canine-like shape, it may have been the most _____ . #bookmark
○○○ transcend ⪢⪢
While countless generations of artists have left their mark over the millennia, only some artworks have succeeded in transcending time and culture to be revered around the globe. → revere #art
○○○ wood ⪢⪢
One day though while Eurydice was picking flowers in the woods, a snake bit her. She died at once.
○○○ morsel ⪢⪢
On earth, each _____ of food was sweet sustenance while, in the land of the dead, it insured a permanent stay. #bookmark
○○○ close ⪢⪢
"That was close," he said while his friend was getting up from the ground.
○○○ reputation ⪢⪢
But while some have more positive _____s than others, centaurs, minotaurs, sphinxes and the like are all fascinating creatures. #bookmark → repute
○○○ Anglo-Saxon ⪢⪢
For example, we took the names for animals but while in the fields and farms where the Anglo-Saxon peasants worked, they kept the Germanic names, on the tables where the Roman nobles dined, they got the Romance names.
○○○ Bolivian ⪢⪢
The Bolivian government officially ended all diplomatic relations with Israel while having diplomatic relations with Palestine, recognizing Palestine as a state.
○○○ #TOEIC 41 ~ 43 ⪢⪢
But you'll have to wait just a little while for those to be served.
○○○ run into ⪢⪢
While I was shopping in town, I ran into an old friend of mine.
○○○ Minotaur ⪢⪢
The great legend tells of a monstrous figure, the _____ , half-man, half-bull, born of the union of a while bull with Pasiphae, king minos's wife. #Greece
 Future Time Clauses 2
Time conjunctions: when, while, before, after, until, as soon as, by the time
◌◌◌ Will
○ Decisions made while speaking - I'll get the phone. I'll answer the door. ○ Offers - You're hungry? I will make some dinner for you.
 sea lion
On land they can walk on all four flippers. While silly seals have to slide along on their bellies instead.
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