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He is out there in the ocean. But he is here too in my dreams, always in my dreams. He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter - whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm summer's night.
○You can ask the captains of my other ships. ○The men on the ship laughed at this huge, ugly man. ○He looked down at the water from the ship. ○An old man stopped us on the street before we got back to the Pequod. ○Were the man on the Pequod devils?
○He had a hard face with lines on it from years of sun and wind. ○An ugly white line ran down from the top of his head. Did it go down to his feet? Who or what did that to him? What fight did he lose so badly?
○Why weren't we afraid? ○They helped us onto the ship.
○When the oil was ready we put it into barrels. ○Every day my wife, Mary, takes our son to the beach. They look at the ocean. They hope that they'll see our sails one day. ○What did they leave behind them when they went on whaling ships.
○We're all whalers and many of us have sons.
○I married my dear wife and the next day I left on a whaling ship for three years. ○There were harpoons in his body from his many fights with whalers. ○He closed his mouth on Captain Ahab's boat and took it out of the water.
○I'll throw a harpoon at you. ○Stubb took off his coat and shoes so he could swim. ○He pulled the small boat behind him at the end of the harpoon rope. ○The water pulled the whaling boat with all the men under the water.