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○○○ cosmology ⪢⪢
And part of this belief was that everything from cosmology and metaphysics to music and morals followed eternal rules describable as ratios of numbers.
○○○ dictum ⪢⪢
Their dictum of "all is number" suggested that numbers were the building blocks of the universe. #bookmark
○○○ Hippasus ⪢⪢
Like many heros of Greek myths, the philosopher Hippasus was rumored to have been mortally punished by the gods. But what was his crime? Did he murder guests or disrupt a sacred ritual? #bookmark
○○○ reverence ⪢⪢
Hippasus belonged to a group called the Pythagorean mathematicians who had a religious reverence for numbers.
○○○ transgression ⪢⪢
Hippasus's transgression was a mathematical proof: the discovery of irrational numbers #posession
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