create ⪢⪢
 create ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ establish ⪢⪢
To establish something means to create it.
○○○ keystone species ⪢⪢
Beavers are keystone species wielding an oversized influence on their surroundings. They build dams which filter water, flood rivers and create crucial wetlands. → wield
○○○ homage ⪢⪢
Trenet's French version paid _____ to the changing moods of the sea while Lawrence, by adding the word 'beyond' to the title, created lyrics about a lover finding for a lost love.
○○○ trickle ⪢⪢
These formations are created when water carrying minerals _____s through the cave.
○○○ lay ⪢⪢
We'll look at these three forces and how laying them on top of each other creates a good template for tracking economic movements and figuring out what's happening now. #economy
○○○ economy ⪢⪢
An economy is simply the sum of transactions that make it up and a transaction is a very simple thing. You make transactions all the time. Every time you buy something, you create a transaction. #economy
○○○ credit ⪢⪢
When borrowers promise to repay and lenders believe them, credit is created. #economy
○○○ out of thin air ⪢⪢
Any two people can agree to create credit out of thin air. #economy
○○○ venom ⪢⪢
A snake's venom can be used to cure the illnesses it creates.
○○○ intriguing ⪢⪢
While the LS3 was far from the first futuristic military technology that DARPA created, with the robot's canine-like shape, it may have been the most _____ . #bookmark
○○○ Ground X-Vehicle ⪢⪢
Another failed DARPA project is the Gound X-Vehicle. The original mission was to create a safer military vehicle without adding too much armor around the body, wheels.
○○○ Aquarius ⪢⪢
To curb the sadness of Ganymede's parents, Zeus created the constallation of _____ so they would remember their son when looking at it. #front
○○○ AGI ⪢⪢
DeepMind is an AI research lab that aims to create Articicial General Intelligence or AGI.
○○○ constitution ⪢⪢
The newly created country needed its own _____ .
 The Poincare Conjecture
In the early 1900s mathematicians and physicists were very interested in the shape of space. New experiments and theories were being developed that would ultimately create relativity theory and change our entire view of the universe.
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