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 steppe route

 Born in the saddle    Hunting gold eagle    The composite bow  
 Horse Lords: A Brief History of the Scythians

 Borovoe    Dzungarian Gate    Helan Mountains    Issyk    Khoklach    Lake Khoton    Nebet Tepe    Noin-Ula burial site    Pazyryk burials    Shamshy    The first Horsemen of the World (proto-Turkic Botai people R1b: 4th-6th millenium BC)    Ukok plateau    카타르토베  
 Rock Art and Archaeology: Investigating Ritual Landscape in the Mongolian Altai
 Scythians 1
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 Scythians 2
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 The origin of Tartars
2018-02-21 07:04
Bulgaria the Heritage of the Thracians
 바람의 제국을 가다
2018-02-21 09:56
 초원의 제국
카타르토베 고분군
 초원의 제국 2부
황금의 맹세