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 Companies That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago
 California Dreamin'
○ I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA. ○ Stopped in to a church. I passed along the way. Well I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray. You know the preacher liked the cold. He knows I'm gonna stay.
The Origins of Canada and the United States
 Canada - provinces & territories
English Listening Practice Level 3 | Learn English Listening Comprehension | English 4K
 Caribbean Islands
 Carrie Lam
 Chinese people in North America
 Chinese zodiac
far-flung, overarching, gospel, immaculately, agitator, resurrect, catapult, ritual, Judea, Judaism, crucify
November Birthstone Jewelry - Gem Shopping Network
 Colorful Places
Top 10 Most Colorful Places on Earth
 Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors & Meteorites
 Cloud computing    Encryption    Ethernet    Ethernet/IP    Internet    OSI Model    routing  
 0th conditional    1st conditional    2nd conditional 1    2nd conditional 2    2nd conditional    2nd conditional    2nd conditional    3rd conditional    3rd conditional    3rd conditional    Conditionals    Conditionals - 1st and 2nd    Subjunctive Mood   • were to   • would  
The protestors demonstrated against the proposed law that would give mainland China some control over their courts. Afterwards, a small number of protestors gathered to _____ their next move.
bribe, kickback, nepotism, embezzlement
○The World Health Organization names the new coronavirus first identified in China late last year Covid-19. ○Chinese video reporter Chen Qiushi has disappeared in Wuhan China while documenting the effects Covid-19 has had on the city.
Nobody is posting their bad days on social media. Social media is not real. You're only seeing the curated part of someone's life. Your life is different from theirs because you get to experience the stuff that never gets posted.