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 beaver dams
In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and _____.
 beaver's incisors
The beaver's incisors are strengthen with _____ which makes them orange. They grow continuously and even self sharpen.
 Donald Trump
Who can blame a country for being able to take _____ of another country for the benefit of its citizens? I give China great credit.
The lion sneaked inside the well and roared as loud as he could. Of course his own reflection roared as well and, magnified by the _____ , the roar came five times louder.
 Fly Me To The Moon
Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever and more. You are all I long for, all I worship and _____. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you.
 Frozen 2
Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an _____ forest. It was a magical place but something went wrong.
Be careful of those offering you a _____ scheme or a system or a miracle cure because it's most definitely a trap. You are the mouse and they are holding up the free cheese.
Orpheus lived with his wife Eurydice who loved him very deeply. Orpheus is also madly in love with Eurydice. They really were _____ for each other.
There Orpheus met Hades and Persephone, the king and queen of the underworld, who were surprised to see him. "What are you doing here, _____?", Hades asked.
The only free cheese is in the _____. There's no free meal and you should stop waiting for it. Nobody is going to give you the life you want. It's not going to be easy and it'll take a lot of time to build it.
Digits make up numerals and numerals stand for an idea of a _____ , just like letters make up words and words stand for ideas.
 Philippine Eagle
By about two months old its soft down is replaced with feathers and soon it develops its iconic _____ like crest.
The riders stopped in front of an enormous rock and then the leader of these riders shouted, "Open _____." Suddenly the rock moved to reveal the entrance to a cave.
Tired of the constant danger that the cat presented, one of the mice decided to _____ a general counsel so that all the mice could debate what measures they could take to outwit their common enemy the cat.
The Pied Piper started a dance as he _____ his way out of the town and all the rats followed him to the mountains.