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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves | R
Once upon a time there was a very poor woodsman called Ali Baba. One day he climbed up the hill into the forest to cut wood. There he saw 40 men riding their galloping horses. In front of an enormous rock the leader of them shouted. What did he shout?

Belling the Cat | R
In an old mansion lived many mice. They lived a happy life but had a big danger nearby - a witty and big cat who also lived there. They decided to attach a small bell by a ribon round the neck of the cat. Who volunteered for the bell on the cat?

Bitcoin | R
The online magazine reported that the bitcoin was worth about 434 dollars as of January 6. The company Juniper Research says there were 1.3 million users in 2015. It estimates there will be 4.3 million users by the end of the next year.

Common English Verbs: HAVE and HAVE GOT

Have and Have Got (Part 1) | R
Have and Have Got (Part 1)

Have and Have Got (Part 2) | R
Have and Have Got (Part 2)

Moby Dick | R
Herman Melville

Most Ancient Evidence of War | R
Scientist Lahr said the findings raised the question of whether warfare has been part of human experience much longer than previously thought.

Orpheus | R
Once upon a time there lived a great musician in Greece called Orpheus. Orpheus lived with his wife Eurydice who loved him very deeply. Orpheus is also madly in love with Eurydice. They really were made for each other.

Phage Virus | R

Planet Nine | R
Has a Ninth Planet Been Discovered in Our Solar System?

pristine | R
In the enviroment pristine means not changed by people and left in the natural state.

ransomware | R
Ransomware is a harmful software. It blocks access to computer systems until users pay to get their data back.

Robinson Crusoe | R
Learn English through story | Robinson Crusoe | Daniel Defoe | Graded reader level 2

The Owl and the Lion | R
Once upon a time there lived a big ferocious lion in the jungle. Because he bullied every other animal, the animals needed a champion among them to go and teach him a lesson. Who volunteered?

Treasure Island | R
Robert Louis Stevenson

Trojan Horse | R
The Wooden Horse

White Roses | R
English Stories For Learning English: White Roses

Word of the Year | R
“They” Wins as Linguists’ Word of the Year

Zorro | R
Learn English Through Story | Zorro Elementary Level
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