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○○○ Barcelona ⪢⪢
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○○○ Ceuta ⪢⪢
Spanish officials deploy troops to Ceuta to patrol the border with Morocco after thousands of migrants swam into the city.
○○○ Etna ⪢⪢
The country is home to three that are active and many more that are not. The eruption was accompanied by large plumes of black and white smoke that shot into the skies and covered the entire landscape. → Catania, plume, shoot
○○○ Etna ⪢⪢
Despite the volcano's wrath and explosivity, nobody in this video was injured in its eruption. Thankfully for the people in this video, they were far enough back to be out of harm's way while being able to capture this extreme moment on film.
○○○ Frankfurt ⪢⪢
○○○ Mallorca ⪢⪢
In Spain, U.S. agents seize a ship owned by Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg in Mallorca. The U.S. has frozen all Vekselberg's property over his links to Russia's president. #new 2022-04-04
○○○ Thames ⪢⪢
Endangered sharks are swimming around the Queen! The UK's iconic river Thames was so polluted in the 1950's, scientists called it "biologically dead".
○○○ Wales ⪢⪢